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Eyezen Boost Lenses

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Eyezen lenses contain an enhanced boost to help reduce visual fatigue during prolonged use of digital screens.

They are available in 3 variations: Start, WOW and Boost, offering specialised assistance in specific situations.

Benefits of Eyezen lenses include:

  • Sharp vision
  • Comfortable vision
  • Designed for modern life
  • Optimised for digital screens
  • Reduces and prevents eyestrain

How to order lenses online

Step 1: 

Place your order for your frame and lenses. You can view our lens options here.

If you'd like advice selecting lens options then use the chat at the bottom right of your screen or give us a call.

Step 2:

Shortly after you place an order which includes a frame and lenses, you'll receive an email from us requesting an image of your prescription.

Step 3:

You send us your prescription.

Step 4:

We check that your chosen lens options are suitable for your frame and lenses.

If not then we will contact you to offer advice as to our recommended lens options.

Once we're sure that combination of frame and lenses are a good fit for you and your eyes, we'll begin processing your order.

Step 5:

We ship your order to you and you receive your amazing new eyewear! 🎉🎉🎉

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